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Packing Up For The Holidays

Tips For Packing For Your Holiday Travels

Many of us are prepping for those holiday adventures that bring us to new sights and familiar places alike. As you prepare to jet set across the miles, here are a few packing tips to make your travel packing easy peasy.

1. Roll With It

No, we aren't talking about the inevitable cringing and creative dodging of comments we all face when getting together with "Aunt Verna". We're talking about your travel wardrobe. Be sure to roll your clothes, don't fold. Travel experts and backpackers agree, rolling takes up less space and proves less likely to leave deep wrinkles from folding creases.

2. Make A List, Check It Twice

Even Santa knows it's best to be prepared. All of the holiday rush can leave us stressed and forgetting things are likely to happen. Start your packing well in advance, say a week or two....Okay at least a few days. Be sure to give yourself time to pick up needed items. Check your list, pack and check that list again before heading out on the road.

3. Double Duty

Utilizing clothing and other items that can be dual purpose is a great way to save space and save money on baggage fees! Consider a pack-able jacket that can be used as a pillow while in transit, then pulled out to bundle up when braving the cold. Going somewhere warm? Consider pants that zip off into shorts, or can be ruched up and tied as capris like some of our favorite KUHL pants. Look for clothing with fabrics that offer UPF protection, odor control and moisture wicking and other great benefits, saving you packing some of the extras.

4. Layer Up Buttercup

Dressing in layers is a great way to ease through climate changes! It's also a great way to mix and match pieces through the holidays if staying for a period of time. Maximize just a few articles of clothing for a great wardrobe. Next, if you are flying be sure to layer your packing. For example, shoes on the bottom, clothing in the middle and electronics on top. That way TSA can make a quick and easy assessment and you'll be on your way in no time!

5. Packing Aids to the Rescue!

One of our favorite packing aids is our Patagonia Black Hole Cubes. Keep things organized and fit essentials, souvenirs, cameras and accessories and more in these great little bags. Maybe even stash a few of Grandma's cookies?

6. Shop With Us!

Oh yes, we went there. But seriously! We carry many great brands that you will be sure to love. Self packing items, 2-for-1's, layering pieces, fabrics that take care of your needs, travel oriented clothes and more. We'd be happy to help you out. We may even have a few tips for dealing with the relatives.

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