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Get OUT! Outdoors, That Is...

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are starting to hold and it is officially time to GET OUT and enjoy the great outdoors. June has been deemed the "Great Outdoors Month" and we are here to say, "Praise to the Powers That Be!" We LOVE our great outdoors, and we have a few tidbits of information to consider in case the spirit hasn't quite moved you off the couch yet...

This year May 31st through June 2nd is Bike Travel Weekend. So dust off your bike and head out on the trails, the road, the beach, wherever your heart desires. Don't forget your sun protection and hydration, and then hit the road!

And while you are biking, be sure to stop and explore with a nice hike! The first Saturday of June is The American Hiking Society and many trail communities invite hikers to partake in several hike events offered throughout the country. Check with your local parks and trails or set up something and gather with other hikers.

June 1-9th are National Boating and Fishing Week with National Marina Day falling on June 8th. What a great excuse ditch the indoor chores and head to the boat, the dock or any public fishing access? Many states offer a free fishing days near Boating and Fishing Week so people can partake without a license? Here Fishy, Fishy!

And of course when boating it is of utmost importance that we stay safe, as well as be sure to keep our waters clean. Be sure to brush up on your boater safety skill, then have fun, enjoy the waters and as mom used to say....keep it clean!

Next up....June 22nd. Mark your calendars and start packing for the GREAT AMERICAN CAMPOUT! Thousands of campers partake in camping this day, and all summer long. This event is part of the National Wildlife Federation's efforts to inspire Americans to protect wildlife, and a campaign to get a goal of 10 million kids to spend more time outdoors over a three year span.  What an awesome way to get people to connect with nature and wildlife. Explore you camping options and reserve your site today!

Don't forget, there are a gazillion fun activities to do outdoors that are free and family friendly. Hiking, biking, geocaching, swimming, park exploration, backyard enjoyment, etc. Be sure to fill your time with lots of outdoors this June and beyond. If you have events or ideas you'd like to share be sure to drop a comment. We'd love to hear from you!

For more info on outdoor events and ideas for all levels of experience check out the following links:







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