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Cuz It's All About That Base.....Layer

What is all the fuss about base layers, you may ask? Or if you haven't, perhaps you should. Whether you prefer to hike, trek, snowshoe, ski, run, bike or even take a stroll in the winter weather, base layers are going to be your BFF. When the temps get chilly and we get active, our body temperature go up. We may sweat, in turn, making our clothing damp. Then....woops! We lose tremendous amounts of body heat due to evaporation through the wet fabric, risking the onset of hypothermia. And besides being serious, well....that's just no fun!

We are all about fun and getting out there in the world, including snow covered landscapes and low temperatures. So bundle up buttercup! But be sure you do it properly. The days of being a sweaty kid in the puffy snow suit on the playground are gone! It's time to take on a 3-point layering mindset and play with the big dogs.

Layer number one (and star of the show), should be a good base layer. Look for one that provides moisture-wicking, as well as body temperature regulating properties. Wool or polyester are good options. It should be form fitting, but not restricting. Some of our Kuhl, Patagonia and Smartwool options are great suggestions. You really should stop on in and check them out (wink wink).

Layer number two should provide insulation. Look for something not too heavy, midweight, and either wool, fleece, or a blend of the two. Prana offers some great sweaters in a wool/polyester blend. And our Patagonia line has some great fleece vests and pull overs!

And layer number three, the outermost layer, should provide protection from the wind and water. Of course we have many great options for you in store. So be sure to trek on over to Ventures Apparel right here in downtown historical Rice Lake, WI. And get suited up, properly - base layers and all, for your next big (or little) winter adventure!

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