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A Big World View From A Small Town

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Being from a small town is a wonderful thing. A small town is a great place to stay, explore, nestle in, venture away from and return to. There is nothing like living in a small town and knowing you are home. You are supported by your community and you have many abundant opportunities to support the community around you.

This holiday season it is our wish for you to take a look at our small town with a big world view. See the magic that awaits in all the small shoppes, coffee nooks, parks, trails, and even at home, just as you would some far off place. Really take in and open up to all the wonder that is offered from the neighbor who has a million stories, to the baker who wakes up in darkness to make with love the goodies we delight in. From the small shoppe owners who pour their hearts and souls into the wares they offer in order to make your life just a little easier. A little happier. To the people who foster our nature, our trails, our parks and rivers.

Take a walk down your main street and venture in and out and about. Smell the smells, see the beauty and hear the poetry, the music made by all the clatter and even the quiet. Visit the trails and take in the views. We are certain you will find we live in a wonderful big world, right here in our small town. And of course we hope to see you find your way to Ventures Apparel and say yes to the adventures we are hoping to help you make come true.

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